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The name ResoNet is an amalgamation of the words ‘Resonance’ and ‘Network’. ResoNet is an interactive light installation which employs Low-Fi techniques to visualise the resonance frequencies inherent in the natural environment, via the interaction of the public and surrounding elements detected by a LED net.

ResoNet explores the boundaries between nature, art and technology; to create emergent physical & ephemeral conditions. The project was exhibited at the FRED07 outdoor art event in 2007, it followed by winning 1st prize at the DesignBoom Bright LED competition 2007. In addition to participating in FRED07 (UK) and Gwangju Design Beinnale (S. Korea), a series of experimental light installations have been exhibited worldwide for the LFA (London Festival of Architecture) Greening Bays 2008, Luminale 2010 (Frankfurt) and Baitasi Remade at Beijing Design Week 2015.

The ResoNet Project Team is continuing to explore further avenues with greater collaboration to develop the next sustainable evolutions of ResoNet and associated art installations. The installation can be rented for private functions, stage show, public event and other commercial uses. It can also be customised to adapt to site and suit specific interactive requirements. If you are interested in the project, whether you are the potential client or collaborator, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  


ResoNet是由Resonance(共鸣)和Network(网络) 两个词汇合并而成意译便成‘共鸣网’ ,它是一个LED灯光交互艺术装置作品。 作品运用Low-Fi技术将一个LED的网络与公众以及周边环境产生互动,将自然环境中截取的共鸣现象视觉化。

‘共鸣网’作品在自然,艺术与科技的边界中探究,试图创造一个瞬间浮现的物理现象。该作品是由英国艺术协会赞助委托,特别为每年秋季在坎布里亚郡 (Cumbria) 举行的欧洲最大的户外艺术活动FRED 07而制作的。其后赢得了‘Bright LED’ 国际竞赛一等奖: 光州市市长奖。除此之外,以此为基础发展的系列作品参加了各种国际展览,包括2007年韩国光州设计双年展(Gwangju Biennale) 、2008年伦敦建筑节(London Festival of Architecture)的Greening Bays, 2010年的法兰克福灯光双年展(Luminale 2010) 以及2015年北京设计周的白塔寺再生计划(Baitasi Remade at Beijing Design Week 2015)。



The ResoNet Team