ResoNet at Baitasi for Beijing Design Week by William Chen

ResoNet: Interactive light installation

Organizers:Creative Prototyping Unit
Designed by: Mark Francis Tynan, William Hailiang Chen and Liqun Zhao
Time: 2015.09.26-10.07 (Preview 09.25)
Location: Fu Cheng Men Nei Beijie, Xicheng District Beijing (Baitasi area) 

ResoNet awakens from a dormant sleep to echo the vibrant old Hutong community in Beijing. Emerging from its origins in the forests of Cumbria, relocated in the Pet-Market of Baitashi it morphs to reform the streetscape of Hutong in the urban environment.  

The suspended web structure drapes over a void like a vortex cross over the streetscape. A series of vibration sensors & LED modules are fixed at key intersections on the tensile network, to detect minute vibrations as a result of human and natural activity. Be it a brush of a hand, or a passing breeze, the energy is converted into light that resonates across the structure, immersing the public in an efflorescent visual of flashing lights. 

ResoNet explores the boundaries between nature, art, architecture, and technology; to create emergent physical & ephemeral conditions. The project has won 1st prize in 2007 Bright LED international competition co-organized by Designboom and Gwangju Biennale Foundation, Korea. Other exhibited venues include FRED07 (UK), LFA Greening Bays (UK) and Luminale 2010 (Frankfurt). We would like to explore further avenues with greater collaboration to develop the next sustainable evolutions of ResoNet.

共鸣网: 互动的灯光装置

主办:原创单位(Creative Prototyping Unit)
设计师:马克•泰南, 陈海亮, 赵力群
时间:2015. 9.26-10.7 预展:9.25

共鸣网(ResoNet) 是一个户外的LED灯光互动装置作品, 从原来坐落在英国坎布里亚郡的大自然深林中复苏,来到充满活力的北京白塔寺胡同与之共鸣,重塑胡同街景。

悬挂的网状结构像一个旋涡露珠坠在街道中。一连串的振感器和LED布满在结构网中的节点上,去探测感应周边环境及人类每一刻的动静。不管是自然的微微轻风还是人类的轻轻触摸,这些能量都将转变成光影与整个网结构共鸣, 使观者沉浸于星光闪烁的光影瀑布中。

‘共鸣网’作品在自然,艺术与科技的边界中探究,试图创造一个瞬间浮现的物理现象。此项目2007年赢得了由意大利Designboom 及 韩国光州设计双年展(Gwangju Biennale Foundation) 联合举办的‘Bright LED’ 国际竞赛一等奖: 光州市市长奖。参与的其它展览包括:FRED07 (UK), LFA Greening Bays (UK) 和Luminale 2010 (Frankfurt)。